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Entrenamiento intenso

Get in shape with SPEC

Become the healthier version of yourself

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About SPEC

The Personalized Body Training System SPEC (Sistema Personalizado de Entrenamiento Corporal), was created with the purpose of helping people achieve its goal of getting in shape with a personalized online training program. Most of the time, people do not get in shape because they follow generic dietary and training plans or somebody else's plan. That is why SPEC design different Fitness Programs, according to your goals, in which we can develop your physic.


At the end of your program, you will see amazing physical changes and a healthier life style. Yes, there will be some sored muscles, but it will be worth the effort.

About Our Founder

With The Mission Of Helping People Achieve The Healthier Versions Of Ourselves.

With More Than 15 Years Of Sports Experience, 27 years as a professional Dancer, 10 years in Martial Arts and 5 Years As A Certified Personal Trainer, With Courses And Certificates In:

Personal Trainer

Sports Nutrition

Aesthetic Training

Functional Training

Glute And Abs Training

Fat Loss Training


Weekly Sports Science Research


Contact Us!

Armando García.

Certified Personal Trainer

Founder and Director


WhatsApp 5536447324

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