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The 6 Week Program

Discover the Proven Online Program 
That Naturally Transforms Your Body

Achieving The Results You've Been Chasing For Years

The Next 6 Week Program Starts On
Monday 05 of Feb 2024


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- Special Offer -

¡This Week Only!

70% off

Imagine Seeing Results Like This In
6 Weeks:

From Whom You'll be Trained?

With The Mission Of Helping People Achieve The Healthier Versions Of Ourselves, Two Master Degrees And the Commitment To Really Support You Transform your Physique.

 Armando García

With More Than 15 Years Of Sports Experience, 27 Years As a Professional Dancer, 10 years in Martial Arts, Weekly Sports Science Researchs And

5 Years As A Certified Personal Trainer, With International Courses And Certificates In:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Aesthetic Training
  • Functional Training
  • Glute And Abs Training
  • Fat Loss Training
  • Hipertrophy

In SPEC we help committed people to achieve a total body transformation with personalized training and dietary plans, NO miracle products NOR magical routines, just the most effective way to get the best shape possible in a 6 week program.

How will I get you to the path of having the naturally best shape of your life? 

Before I do, there is something you need to know...

Making this kind of change in your life, requires a HUGE effort and commitment from your part.

The training program is designed to safely push your limits in each session. So that in 6 weeks, develop the BEST possible results.

So, no excuses are allowed. If you want huge changes, and I know you want them, you need to have huge efforts, which I know you will commit.

Let's Nail It! And Here Is How:

The Online SPEC Programs:
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Gazelle Training Program
for Women
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Bull Training Program 
for Men

Each Program Includes:

 6 Weeks of Personalized Training

Forget About Generic Workouts, You Decide Where To Train, Home Or Gym. I Will Be Monitoring Your Progress Each Week, Making Personal Adjustments So You Can Have The Exact Workout For Your Body Transformation.

The Right Nutrition Plan For You

You Will Recieve A Unique File Where Your Macros And Nutrition Principles Are Calculated.

Exclusive Acces To The SPEC Community

You Will Be Part Of The Exclusive Group Where Others Like You, Are Training To Reach Its Fitness Goals

The Natural Sports Supplement Guide

This Guide Will Help You Decide Whether To Use Or Not Any Supplement. And how to Use It To Optimse Your Natural Performance.


Daily Check-Ins

I will be monitoring your progress each day, through the exclusive training group. No excuses for not training.

Optional Live Training Sessions

There Will Be Special Live HIIT Training Sessions. Just Connect And Train With Me.


The 6 Weeks Are Divided Into:

1st Week.

You Will Understand How The program Works. We Will Prepare Your Body For Intense Training

2-5 Weeks.
THE Training

Everything Will Be Ready To Progressively Train. Lets Get Those Results!

Final Week.
The Results

The Training Load is Reduced So You Can Continue With a New Training Habit. And A Complete New Physique


Are you Ready To Get Your Dream Physique?
...Then Stop Wasting Your Time
...No Excuses
...Let's Train And APPLY For
The 6 Week ProgramToday

Program Starts Next
Monday 05 Of Feb 2024


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